Interactive Marketing Monthly Roundup: September 2013

Our selections for the top blog posts of the month are listed below. This monthly recap covers the topics of copywriting, email marketing, mobile advertising, search engine optimization, social media, paid advertising, and web development.

Fall is in the air here at First Source Interactive, and we’ve got the best news of the month here on the blog! Google is moving entirely to encrypted search and mobile keeps ramping up. Let’s take a look at other stories making waves on the web this week!

Email Marketing

Looking for a quick fix to help your business’s email conversions? Chris Hexton, the founder of Vero, presents five email conversion killers in this well-written article.

You can significantly increase your email subscription count if you do the right things. ZenSpill provides nine practical email tips to potentially improve subscription rates by 400%.


Sometimes the less you say, the more of an impact you can make on a visitor. This Elite Strategies article provides tips on microcopy and demonstrates how to optimize copywriting effectively.

Writers run into all kinds of problems after a while (writer’s block is among the most common). iAcquire gives advises how to fix your writing dilemmas.

Mobile Advertising

The mobile market is a huge industry that is constantly changing with the leaps made in mobile technology. Don’t forget about the users though! Quicksprout let loose a perfect infographic on why marketers should consider mobile technology.

Mobile ads are consistently a point of contention between marketers. Do they really work to attract shoppers, and is the return worth the effort? WebProNews provides the complete read on the rising effectiveness of mobile ads.

PPC Management | Paid Ads

Google Adwords offers a feature called Quality Score, an indicator that grades the quality of your keywords to warrant impressions on your ads. The Clix Marketing PPC Blog provides in-depth coverage on this topic and recent changes to the Quality Score system.

Speaking of Quality Score, one advertiser in particular received a score of 8.8/10. If you are curious to learn how this score was obtained, read Larry Kim’s breakdown on Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Optimization

Google is moving entirely to encrypted search. Thom Craver of Search Engine Watch publishes a thorough report on the effects it will impose on webmasters.

No matter what kind of marketer you are, competitors are always searching to acquire better links than you. Why not go a step further and run a complete link analysis? SkyRocketSEO publishes a great competitive link guide just for you.

Social Media

Curious on how to make your content go viral? Learn from one of the most successful and fastest growing media companies today in this superb Kwasi Studios post!

Social media with Google Plus is a totally different beast altogether. In other words, don’t post a Google Plus update in the same format as a Facebook update. Dan Sharkov puts together a few tips for proper posting on Google Plus.

Web Development & Branding

In web development, the ability to write clean and concise code is certainly a very important skill. Jonas Downey writes the precise way to compose interfaces on 37Signals.

Website design is more than simply color schemes and visual intrigue. User experience and readability also play a key role. Read Jeff Shjarback’s post that discusses how a solid site consists of three key elements.


Trying to get your feet wet in SEO? How about taking some online training courses to make the learning that much faster? DailySEOBlog’s Mani Karthik rounds up the best SEO courses available now.

Let us know what you think of our marketing roundup! If you want to suggest any other notable stories from this past month, please share them in the comments section below.

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