Top 10 Reputation Management Tools

For many companies, reputation management is essential as marketing to new customers. Why? Simply put, a business’s reputation oftentimes influences whether it stifles or thrives. If you want your customers to become loyal evangelists, listening to conversations with your website at the center is crucial to getting ahead of your competitors.

At its core, online reputation management is a method by which companies can address different dialogues surrounding their brand through various tools. Whether the exchanges are good or bad, acknowledging and actively interacting with them is paramount to understanding your customer base.

To aid in this endeavor, we published the top reputation management tools your business should seriously consider looking into. One group of tools concentrates on finding general search mentions throughout the web, whereas the other focuses on social media management.

Tools for General Search

  1. – is a full-service online reputation platform that pinpoints negative reviews and helps improve customer relations. Additionally, this application is rated #1 by top SEO’s, which sounds like it is worth a trial!
  2. BrandsEye – BrandsEye is a paid online monitoring tool to track online conversations and develop insights for engagement. With slick reports and quick notifications of mentions, this software offers high value with ease.
  3. Expion – Interested in competitive reports for benchmarking across a number of social profiles, ranging from Instagram to Twitter? Give the Expion software a look and schedule a demo.
  4. Google Alerts – Google Alerts is a free tool that allows you to monitor the web for specific search queries. Based on your queries, relevant news and updates appear in your alerts for free. Google Alerts is a handy tool when used in conjunction with your rep management strategy.
  5. Rankur – Rankur is a social media monitoring tool, as well as an instrument for brand protection and reputation organization. In addition, the Rankur tool includes demographical analytics and trending topics for you to easily explore.
  6. – Based in Silicon Valley, provides award-winning service and technology to ensure that your company is abreast of every conversation.

Tools for Social Media Management

  1. HootSuite – Looking for an excellent social CRM tool? HootSuite manages all of your company’s profiles and distributes amazing integration with the other applications in your stack.
  2. Social Mention – Similar to Google Alerts, Social Mention is simple to use and free to experiment for your online rep strategy. Mostly used for finding news and updates, Social Mention scans the web for prominent mentions and displays a ranking depending on the influence of conversations
  3. Sprout Social – A well-designed paid social CRM application, Sprout Social allows you to go as far back as the conception of your social media profiles to dig up past contacts and interactions. Along with visually stunning reports and rankings for influencers your business connects with, Sprout definitely deserves a spot on the top 10.
  4. Trackur – More than 60,000 people use Trackur to engage and participate with their audience and potential customers. If you are looking for efficient crisis communication and top notch social media monitoring across all social profiles, Trackur covers your needs.

Did you find this reputation management tools list helpful? To help us improve this resource, do not hesitate to comment below with some of your favorite online reputation management tools.

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