Top 10 Blogs to Learn About Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most important aspects for any local business. From anchor text to geo-targeted listings, competitor analysis, and customer reviews, local search offers many advantages and tactics. Among local search’s many benefits, businesses can earn targeted rankings, sales, visits, and dedicated customers. In order to get as informed on this specific section of web marketing, it is important for your business to read content from top blogs on the subject.

Below we’ve compiled the top 10 blogs to learn about local SEO. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of some of them! We advise you delve into these authority blogs, and put some of these skills to the test on your own local website.

Balihoo Blog – Balihoo Blog generates content on ad builders, local marketing, and media planning. The material consists of local marketing trends and social media pointers. The white papers on the Balihoo Blog are also worthwhile.

Blumenthals – We welcome another top authority on the short list of top local blogs named Mike Blumenthal. He keeps track of local updates to Google and Google Plus, while chronicling changes in local SEO requirements.

Search Engine Land – Search Engine Land is an immense content resource that not only delves into local search but all other aspects of inbound marketing as well. This blog pumps content out on a consistent basis, so don’t feel wiped out if you can’t keep up. That being said, time to get reading!

Local Marketing Boost – Local Marketing Boost takes note of the news surrounding local web and publishes opinions on new local tools. This blog is another superb resource to keep you posted on what’s happening.

Local SEO Guide – Andrew Shotland’s blog highlights local SEO updates and current events involving local marketing. We think you’ll love his personal touch to inbound marketing in general.

Local Visibility System – If you are looking for a top local marketing expert, look no further than the Local Visibility System blog! The blog owner, Phil Rozek, provides step-by-step guides on how to submit your site to local directories, local SEO insights, and more.

LocalU – Another strong blog is LocalU. It completes walkthroughs of creating local listings, local pages for your site, and more. This blog partners with Moz and provides high quality information for business owners.

LocalVox – LocalVox is a local, mobile, and social marketing platform all in one. The blog offers advice for entrepreneurs and small businesses to take control of their branding and messaging. LocalVox’s advice is top notch, so give it a look!

Marketing Pilgrim – Want to grab the most up-to-date news with local companies and social media? Marketing Pilgrim has it in spades. With its large editing crew, and diverse range of topics, you find there are a lot of learnings to sift through in the archives.

Street Fight Mag – Street Fight Magazine is one of the top local marketing publications for small businesses. With its case studies and current event reports published daily, not many other resources provide better quality information than this blog.

What local SEO blogs do you frequent on a regular basis? Let us know what other local sites we’ve missed in the comments section below.

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