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Interactive Marketing Monthly Roundup: December 2013

We have finally reached the end of the year, and we couldn’t be more excited! Most of you have joined us part of the way through the year, and you have been reading our articles ever since. You’ve seen us cover the Google search engine overhaul, Twitter ads, and even Twitter’s big IPO. It has been a wonderful month and, just as well, a wonderful year in the world of interactive marketing.

This is our final marketing roundup of the month for the year of 2013! Here are the best articles of for December, and here’s to 2014! Happy holidays, everyone!

Email Marketing

Cold introduction emails don’t always have to be cold. You can easily warm up to the recipient by following a reliable structure and a few easy steps. Jason Friedman explains a protocol for a proper email introduction in this post.

Google has always been a game-changing company, but its next move will surely be something of a legend. Gmail has recently unveiled its latest feature to auto show images in email messages. Kirsten Schlau guest posts on this exciting new email update in her article.


Working from home can be a challenge for many people, mainly because we work outside the home. However, given the right guidelines we can make it work, especially when it involves writing. Stacey Roberts helps us switch into writing mode in this blog post.

Top-of-the-line copywriters go through their writing meticulously in order to get the best copy. If you want to be an exceptional copywriter, learn from the best. Amy Harrison gives us three tacics to craft unforgettable copy from Dr. Seuss’s learnings.

Mobile Advertising

2014 is the year of mobile devices! As a business owner, you must be prepared with your email to make the most of this coming era. Niti Shah shares her tips on how to optimize our email list for mobile.

Do you want to get your mobile application into the app store? If your goal is to make a mobile app profitable, it will take a lot more than creating an app to do the trick. Zain Shah writes the definitive guide to app store optimization in order get your app ready.

PPC Management | Paid Ads

Even when utilizing paid ads, businesses will not be able to convert every customer. This is why we make our next attempts using remarketing lists for search ads. Brian Furey posts a remarketing plan for webmasters to follow.

Are you having trouble with Adwords? Don’t worry! As a small business owner, you are not alone. Carlos Rodriguez offers five reasons we face difficulties utilizing the platform.

Search Engine Optimization

We dislike spam comments as much as the next person. They make websites look low-value (not good for SEO) and offer very little worth themselves. Thankfully, Brendan O’Conner explains why the golden era of comments has ended.

Some small businesses trust SEO agencies to make the big decisions for their website optimization. Unfortunately, owners could be spending more than they should for unclear expectations if they are not careful. Chipper Nicodemus demonstrates bad SEO proposals in a blog.

Social Media

Facebook Graph Search provides a number of diverse uses for marketers. Identifying search demographics for specific pages or interest proves useful in the long run. In this article, Darcy Grabenstein predicts how Facebook Graph Search will evolve.

Your Google Plus circles say everything about you and your company. They indicate who you talk to, what your interests are, and what kinds of people you strive to emulate. Wade Harman posts tips on connecting with influential people on Google Plus.

Web Development & Branding

A new year calls for a new look on your website! Get your designer pen and pad ready because your website will need inspiration from a variety of styles to look its best. Gisele Muller adds 13 minimalist web designs in a post for your own inspiration.

Some of the oldest agencies in the world still invest more heavily in outdated forms of marketing such as print and TV commercials. While those mediums remain effective, there needs to be greater emphasis on social media marketing. Nishith Sharma gexplains why social integration is inevitable for brands.


Are you still curious on how Gmail’s latest feature affect your email marketing efforts? Rest assured we are as well. As a result, we’ve included Matthew of MailChimp’s post on how Gmail’s image caching influences open rates.

Let us know what you think of our marketing roundup! If you want to suggest any other notable stories from this past month, please share them in the comments section below.

Top 10 Mobile Blogs for 2014

As we move into the final weeks of 2013, it is important that we focus on the increasingly important mobile device industry. The mobile industry is spreading like wildfire, as analysts predict that we’re on track to hit 1.8 billion mobile phone sales by the end of 2013.

Most of the world is heavily investing in the mobile frontier, so it is your business’s best interest to be prepared in 2014 for this thriving landscape. In this post, we track down and present the 10 top mobile blogs to read for a greater understanding of how to market to mobile users. Without further ado, let’s delve right into the list!

1. Applause Blog – Interested in learning about the mobile app market and the growing industry as a whole? The Applause Blog should be right up your alley, with posts published every week on the latest mobile news and trends.

2. Mad Mobile News – Are you interested in breakdowns of mobile demographics? Wondering how social media networks are traversing the mobile landscape? Check out the Mad Mobile News blog for more lessons surrounding mobile companies and design.

3. Millennial Media Blog – Looking for lessons on mobile data, intelligence, and technology? Millennial Media delivers the scoop on these topics, as well as mobile campaign learnings and industry reports.

4. Mobile Marketer – As the leader in mobile marketing and ecommerce, the Mobile Marketer updates you daily on the latest mobile optimization trends around corporate brands, social media, and more!

5. Mobile Marketing Magazine – If you want mobile marketing videos, whitepapers, interviews, and guest news, check out this blog. Mobile marketing media and news is delivered to you at its finest!

6. Mobile Mixed – Enough talk on articles; it is time for a mobile podcast made specifically to discuss everything mobile! Greg Hickman delivers valuable content with every podcast, ensuring you find your fill of mobile marketing from a small business perspective.

7. Mobile Marketing Watch – As one of the biggest blogs in the mobile community, Mobile Marketing Watch fills you in on the big moves in mobile marketing from consumers and enterprises.

8. Mobile Orchard – Another industry blog that focuses on current events, Mobile Orchard specifically centers on local mobile news leading all the way to national mobile campaigns. Come to this hub for interesting link roundups on the subject.

9. RunMobile Blog – RunMobile brings together the top news for the iPhone and Android platforms. This insightful blog also includes interviews with industry professionals and veterans.

10. TechCrunch Mobile Blog – We love the mobile apps and startups on TechCrunch’s mobile feed. Stop by the ever popular blog to consume more mobile news and content than you can shake a stick at!

What are your favorite mobile marketing blogs that you want to share with your fellow readers? Let us know in the comments section below!

Learn About Twitter Tailored Audiences


Twitter landed an explosive initial public offering, opening at $26 per share and a market capitalization of $27 billion on November 7, 2013. This opening makes it one of the most expensive Internet companies based on potential growth. Since then, Twitter’s share price more than doubled to a record $50.09, closing up at $49.14. The valuation is greatly tied to its latest upcoming feature, Tailored Audiences.

What are Tailored Audiences?

These new ads allow marketers to define their potential customers and send them relevant messages based on both their status updates and browser cookie identification through ad partners.

For example, an advertiser who utilizes Twitter Tailored Audiences collects a user’s browser cookie information and relays the data back to Twitter. Twitter then takes this data and determines which ad group it can place back to the user. The user is then promoted a highly relevant ad from the advertiser on Twitter.

However, this feature is not useful if the cookies are misread. To circumvent this situation, Twitter utilizes its access to user data on desktop and mobile devices in order to send promoted tweets. Users also have the option to opt out of Twitter tracking.

Historically, it was difficult to tie the identity of a mobile visitor to that of a desktop visitor. Twitter’s application ties both strategies together, allowing for greater accuracy of cross-platform targeting.

How does Tailored Audiences help my business?

From a user perspective, visitors are sent much more relevant ads to their Twitter stream. These are not ads that the user might want. Rather the ads connect users to the previously visited sites.

From a business viewpoint, your small business can better target the right customers. You can pinpoint a very specific segment of an audience to communicate with them. This allows your business to easily differentiate between customers who intend to purchase.

Tailored Audiences give both companies and marketers greater insight into their customers’ behavior. In combining this feature with Twitter Search, Twitter is on its way to becoming a specialized and valuable marketing tools for any inbound marketer. This announcement is merely the beginning of great things to come to the powerful Twitter ad platform!

What do you guys think of Twitter Retargeted Ads and its impending global release? Are you planning on using it to reach a broader audience? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Who Else Wants a Powerful About Us Page?


An “About Us” page is one of your business’s best chances to concisely tell its unique story.

Customers will visit this webpage and learn about the purpose of your business or website. Many companies write the About Us page as a checklist of special features about the company or as a short summary of the company’s history. While this information is important, About Us pages usually fall flat in that they fail to engage the reader on an emotional level. The best About Us pages tell an engaging story, relay the business’s purpose in an efficient manner, and encourage the customers to want to learn more.

How does this help my business?

You have an opportunity to convey personality and humanize your business to your potential audience. Demonstrating a powerful About Us page builds loyalty and provides a deeper connection to the brand. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you need to be 100% professional; you do not need to shy away from displaying details about what makes your company culture unique!

Below we offer three valuable tips on crafting an excellent About Us page to uniquely position your website:

1. Talk directly to your target audience.

In other words, be conversational with your readers. If you are describing the nature of your business to your target customer in real life, what would you tell them? Would you tell stories, or provide bullet point after bullet point of unrelatable facts?

We suggest writing your About Us page copy in a way that connects with consumers on an entertaining yet deeper level. Here are several great examples of stories to tell:

  • How long did it take for your business to get started?

  • What individual names can you list and describe their role?

  • How did you discover the needs your business is currently addressing?

  • What is your ultimate vision for your company?

  • What is your main motivation?

2. Incorporate media into your page.

We don’t think there is anything wrong with simply using only text in your About Us page. However, the possibilities are endless when you consider images and videos as additional points of interest for the page.

Feel free to drop a company video in the mix, an up-to-date infographic or timeline, or include photographs of your product. Also, you may want to think about displaying action photos of your team, so customers will see who works to get them the service they need. Any type of photo or short video will work here. Another strategy to incorporate personalities and build buzz around your business is including social media profiles of team members. You will create a greater lasting impact on the visitors when you engage more senses.

3. Add credentials.

Last but not least, you will want to administer credibility to your About Us webpage. Showcase professional experience and superb testimonials that highlights your team’s expertise. Once your customers are emotionally engaged with your above copy in this spot, adding credentials should simply be the icing on the cake.

Make your company content interesting and professional rather than the entire focus. These quick and easy details describe how to make an About Us page resonate with your audience! Once you hook in your audience, they are more likely to move forward and make that purchase.

What do you guys think of creating an engaging About Us page, and do you know examples of companies with noteworthy pages? Share your thoughts in the comments below!