Interactive Marketing Monthly Roundup: February 2014

We’ve reached the end of February! We’re glad everyone could make it to our monthly marketing roundup! Every month, we collect the top marketing posts in the industry and present them here for your viewing pleasure. There have been some excellent new stories this month including Facebook acquiring Whatsapp and Twitter’s stock starting to dwindle.

We hope you enjoy our top picks for February! Now, let’s go through the list:

Email Marketing

If your email engagement rates aren’t high, they can still be saved! All it takes is a little strategic management to get your business’s email promotion in check. David Fallarme presents eight ways to keep your email subscribers responsive.

As an email marketer, you want to achieve as much ROI from a single email. However, often times less can be much more. Dean Levitt expounds on the freedom through limitations on email design.


Content marketing can be an overwhelming undertaking when tackling it for the first time. For the new marketers on the block, we’ve got just the solution. Nate Desmond crafts the beginner’s guide to content marketing.

Copywriting is extremely difficult. When we see someone on the road to improving their copywriting skills, we know it’s going to be a strenuous task. Eric Moeller takes us through his engaging copywriting experiment in a post.

Mobile Advertising

Most businesses remain alienated from delving into the mobile space. Luckily, we have the tips to get you in the habit of experimenting with mobile. Joe Baker points out five mobile marketing habits for your small biz.

Mobile conditions are making rapid changes in 2014. As we head deeper into the first quarter, Katrina Manning breaks down some important trends in mobile marketing.

PPC Management | Paid Ads

If you run out of ideas to model your PPC, you can always get a peek at your competitors’ link data with the abundance of search tools available. Gordon Campbell hands us a robust guide on reading your competitor’s SEO and PPC data.

Having trouble with your own PPC campaign? Take lessons from some of the best and brightest brands on the market! Tim Jensen provides some of the best real-life PPC experiences from companies.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you think Google only has it out for smaller sites that violate its search parameters? Think again, as sometimes major sites will get a swift timeout in Google’s penalty box. Martin Macdonald tells the tale of Halifax Bank and its SEO mishap.

When you write copy for both SEO and social media, you learn a fair amount of lessons that impact the rest of your business marketing. Caleb Keiter demonstrates how writing for search and social has made him better writer.

Social Media

Facebook has significantly changed the content marketing landscape on its platform. Text-based posts won’t spread far without links, news stories are much more prominent on the News Feed, and more. Masha Gaidouk breaks down Facebook’s changes and provides a smart solution for marketers.

Social media buttons are one of the most effective ways of sharing content. However, they may not be as relevant as most people believe they are. Sam Solomon explains in a post why he is done with social media buttons.

Web Development & Branding

As a web designer, what inspires your creativity? The greatest designs don’t necessarily come from original thought but from other designers’ work. Stephanie Irvine takes examples from some of the most stylish pricing pages on the web.


Some marketers may think that Google has changed its ways since the Hummingbird update, but the value of links remain the same! You still have to build backlinks in order to make any significant headway in the rankings. Pete Williams writes an incredibly detailed post about a 2013 linking method that remains effective today.

Let us know what you think of our marketing roundup! If you want to suggest any other notable stories from this past month, please share them in the comments section below.

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