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Interactive Marketing Monthly Roundup: March 2014

We hope you enjoyed March! We’re glad everyone could make it to our monthly marketing roundup! Every month, we collect the top marketing posts in the industry and present them here for your viewing pleasure. There have been some excellent new stories this month including Twitter turning eight years old, Facebook pushing its Paper app, and Instagram hitting 200 million users.

Email Marketing

When most people think about email lists, they imagine having to build up a huge storage of content before creating one. In many cases, however, you can still accrue subscribers without having to invest a majority of your time in content creation. Sumitha Bhandarkar discusses the launch plan she used to get 1,357 blog readers before publishing her first post.

Do you have a burning question on email marketing? Chances are it’s been answered somewhere before. Kevan Lee answers 10 of email marketing’s most important questions in an knowledgeable post.


As a copywriter, you want to learn from the best. Modern-day copywriters should be taking lessons not only from the current successful copywriters, but ones who have long since made names for themselves. Demian Farnworth presents 13 ideas from copywriting legends.

Is your copywriting strategy not working out for you? Maybe you need some outside advice to put your copy into perspective. Tracy Mallette shares tips from eight content experts on copy that converts.

Mobile Advertising

There are plenty of ways you can use mobile for your business. Your local marketing and reputation management are significantly increased when you employ mobile access. Read this article by Customer Service Guru for full tips.

How useful is mobile PPC to your business goals? If you aren’t entirely sure, you’ll need to know how mobile PPC operates with your customers behind the scenes. Dan Shewan breaks down mobile PPC interactions in a well-written post.

PPC Management | Paid Ads

Do you want to make your Adword report useful to your PPC marketing strategy? Make your reports the way a marketer would. Jeff Allen shares tips on report formatting in this smart post.

If you’re using PPC to get leads, rethink some of your basics before you start running your ads. Overlook these essentials, and you’re bound to get a much lower conversion rate. Sonakshi Babbar highlights nine ways to optimize your PPC landing page.

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword data is out the window, so we’re going to have to make due with other metrics. Luckily, Google Analytics provides a robust variety of reports that can bring insight to our traffic data with the need for keywords. Chuck Price gives us the top eight Google Analytics reports for managing organic SEO.

Optimize your local listings to get organic local traffic. Seems like a no-brainer, right? James Gemmell outlines the steps to get your business on the right track in search in this terrific local post.

Social Media

If your visitors aren’t sharing your content, you have a serious problem on your hands. The first thing is to ask yourself, what type of emotion am I making my audience feel? Courtney Seiter publishes a powerful article on how our brains decide what to share.

What are you doing with your LinkedIn company page? It’s easy to see LinkedIn is useless in a content marketing sense, but the social tool has within itself tons of potential. Albert Costill reveals eight easy steps to optimizing your company page.

Web Development & Branding

When is the right time to start thinking about branding? The best answer is “right now.” Jeremiah Smith posts a full walkthrough of creating and building a brand for your company in a thorough article.

Web designers, it’s your lucky day! There are tons of free tools for designers to take advantage of, but our friends have compiled the very best for you to use. Juan Pablo Sarmiento unveils 50 freebies for web designers this month.


You know the saying; keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. In the competitive world of marketing, analyze your competition for to take advantage of where they falter. Kalie Moore teaches us how to create a competitive analysis of your rival’s blog.

Let us know what you think of our marketing roundup! If you want to suggest any other notable stories from this past month, please share them in the comments section below.

Top 5 Mobile Marketing News Stories So Far

The mobile age is officially here! According to recent news, mobile devices are providing 30% of Internet traffic and 15% of sales. As time goes on, the mobile world and the services we use on an everyday basis continue to grow. Email, social media, and web apps have been continuously optimized for improved mobile integration and user experience.

The mobile news that we’ve read this year shows the wonderful innovations on the horizon for mobile users. We know that you’ll find these articles beneficial when considering your business’s mobile marketing strategy.

Here are the top five mobile marketing news stories so far this year!

1. An Era of Growth: The Cross-Platform Report

The mobile experience has transformed from engagement on merely one platform to interactivity across multiple devices. The tablet, smartphone, and desktop experiences are now integrated, and the platforms are becoming more seamless. This excellent report from Nielsen takes data gathered from Q4 2013 and forms some smart conclusions. For example, mobile users spend more than 89% of their time on mobile apps. Businesses intending to profit from mobile should download the report to acquire a better understanding of this evolving landscape.

2. Mobile Email is Here to Stay and What Comes Next

It is clear that mobile marketing is a significant part of your customers’ lives. If your email strategy is not mobile optimized, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your potential audience. This article highlights the practices and techniques marketing firms should be taking note of and implementing right away in their email content. The future of mobile marketing looks to be bright, indeed!

3. Content Marketing is Getting Smarter and Going Mobile

In terms of concrete marketing practices, this article reviews the basic rules of mobile content marketing. 61% of mobile users leave the page when they can’t find what they are looking for, and converting those visitors requires compelling content that offers value. It all boils down to providing high quality visuals, a simplified design, and dynamic content to capture attention.

4. Twitter Founder Biz Stone Launches Jelly, a Social Q&A Network for Mobile

Believe it or not, the Jelly app is an interesting opportunity for your business. Think of it as Quora specifically for the mobile device. Users can share pictures and videos, as well as ask questions to both their close and extended networks. Jelly’s aim is to socially connect users with knowledge, similar to a search engine. If your business can join Jelly and provide value to your target audience, your website will most likely increase its brand loyalty and reputation.

5. A More Mobile Pinterest

This article is another clear sign of where the web is heading. Pinterest announced faster load times and a more seamless mobile interface that provides similar capabilities as the main application. Your website can absolutely achieve this level of mobile quality given the right design direction and tools.

What other mobile stories have we missed? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

How to Set Up a Goal for Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a service offered by Google to aid webmasters in tracking site traffic sources for their sites. It is important for your business to see where it receives traffic from so that it can pull from those resources through content, outreach, or social media in order to grow. While these capabilities more than support the use for Google Analytics, you can also set up specific goals for the websites you track. You can track conversions and test elements on your site to assess whether they meet standards in sales, subscriptions, visits, and more!

With basic goals, you will be able to focus exactly on the initiatives of your website, in addition to viewing your current progress in the Google Analytics dashboard. This way, you can reach your benchmarks much faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, you will be able to test several distinct parameters for conversion improvements.

In this quick guide, we will teach you how to set up a goal in your Google Analytics account. Please note that this guide assumes that you already have Google Analytics set up for your website.

How to Set Up a Goal in Google Analytics

1. Start at Google Analytics.

2. Sign in and click on the “Admin” tab on the navigation bar.

3. Set up your account, property, and view. Under the right-most column click “View,” and then click “Goals.” You are now ready to click “Create a Goal.”

4.  Decide upon a “Template” for your goal. These templates are designed to help you achieve standards that align with with your core business objectives. You will see a variety of goals to choose from. You can also click the “Custom” radio button to configure templates on your own. Be sure to label your custom goals correctly, and then click “Next Step.”

5. Next, you will complete the description of your goal. Give your goal a detailed Name and choose the type of goal. There are four types: Destination, Duration, Page/Screens per Visit, and Event. Pick your type and continue.

6. Type in a “Destination” URL for your goal. At this point, you can toggle two options: “Value” and “Funnel.” Value enables you to assign a monetary value to your conversions, and Funnel allows you to specify a path leading to the conversion.

After you finished optimizing your choices, click “Create a goal” to complete the process.

7. Congratulations! You created the first goal for your website in Google Analytics. Continue creating more goals as you feel comfortable.

Could you provide more helpful insight into Google Analytics? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 10 Google Plus Blogs and Pages

Google Plus continues to gain steam in the social media community. Current users say its a vibrant community of intelligent people, as opposed to the popular notion that Google Plus is difficult or unfamiliar to use.

The truth is that Google Plus is continuing to thrive, and there is a huge opportunity for marketers to jump on the bandwagon. Google Plus is full of communities interested in sharing high quality content. If you can create the content users like, they most certainly share it! However, how are you going to use Google Plus if you know nothing about it?

In order to aid you in becoming knowledgeable with Google Plus, we’ve listed the top 10 blogs and Google Plus Pages to make you an expert. Here are our top 10 picks:

Google Plus Blogs

9to5Google is a perfect blend of speedy content and updates on Google Plus. If you’ve ever wanted to learn Google Plus news around the clock, bookmark this top blog.

Not only does it provide the best news regarding Google Plus, but Google Plus Daily publishes detailed guest posts from dedicated users of the platform. Stay informed and learned with the articles of GPD.

 Jaana Nystrom’s Google Plus Helper presents technical updates and How-to guides on the latest Google Plus features. Everything from promoting your Google Plus page to managing the use of Hangouts is covered.

HotBlogTips posts Google Plus advice and answers your burning questions regarding Google Plus. It gives advice from several bloggers who use the platform effectively.

Jeff Bullas gives all you need to know on Google Plus! Are you in the dark about Google Hummingbird? Do you know how to optimize your search relevancy? If you answered “no” to these questions, read these posts for tips and tools to find better results.

Learn the tricks of the trade in marketing, psychology, and Google Plus from Martin Shervington Blog! He goes into deep detail to help users understand Google Plus and use it for leverage in business.

Social Media Examiner offers the best step-by-step guides to use for marketing your business. Do you want to take your Google Plus marketing to a whole new level? This page has you covered!

Google Plus Pages

Learn from +ChrisLang in his experiments with Google and Google Plus! The entire page is a really great peek into the updates and progression of the social network.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of Google Plus Hangouts, +RonnieBincer is the man you should be following on Google Plus. His comprehensive live Hangouts and steady Google Plus tips put you on a proper path to success in video broadcasting.

+Yifat Cohen is your Go-To Gal for Google Plus! On her page, she shares tips, updates, and videos that aid in bringing you another step closer to Google Plus mastery.

Which Google Plus blogs do you recommend? List your top picks in the comments section below.