Interactive Marketing Monthly Roundup: May 2014

We’ve nearly come to the end of May! You know what that means; it’s time for our monthly roundup of marketing articles that we’ve gathered from across the web!

We hope you enjoy the list of our favorites.

Email Marketing

Have you ever been worried about sending your subscribers too much email? Let this article by Willie Myers put your worries to rest with three key points.

There’s a lot to learn from email marketing — especially the fact that email reminders serve to re engage users in a positive way. Learn more in this piece by DJ Waldow.


Copywriting doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking; all you really have to do is follow a few important principles. John Zeratsky presents five principles for great interface copywriting.

Put passion into your words and inspire the reader if you want a worthwhile result from your copy. Keep in mind all this and more in Marya Jan’s post on Copywriting 101.

Mobile Advertising

Do you still think mobile marketing isn’t relevant? Read the statistics behind the platform in Kane’s post on the Waterfall blog.

Walmart is doing more interesting work on the mobile marketing side. Read how the brand is using receipts to personalize mobile marketing in this post by Linda Bustos.

PPC Management | Paid Ads

Not everything is perfect when you run paid ads — its inevitable that you’ll run into some mistakes along the way. Rachael Law shares with us the top PPC mistakes to avoid.

What tools do you use to optimize your PPC campaigns? Melissa Mackey posts 26 free must-have tools for your success!

Search Engine Optimization

You can create your own keyword research strategy from the ground up… or just use this one right here! Nasir Uddin Shamim writes an in-depth strategy for your SEO research.

Have you ever wanted a sneak-peek into your competitors’ local SEO? David Prochaska shares his method in a smart post.

Social Media

After sorting through the innumerable social media resources, Kent McGroarty has picked her top 22! See which ones work best for you.

If you think Google+ is old news, think again! Jon Mowat believes that the platform could be marketers’ next bustling metropolis.

Web Development & Branding

Good design decisions requires meticulous planning and goal-setting. A writer at the Prismatic Blog offers a huge amount of insight in this article.

Is the average web page these days getting smaller or larger? Tammy Everts writes an interesting piece on web performance today!


Do you still struggle to be productive? Here are 22 productivity hacks for small business owners by SurePayroll.

Lastly, get more insight on Facebook’s newest feature, the “Ask” button in this article from Alyssa Newcomb.

Let us know what you think of our marketing roundup! If you want to suggest any other notable stories from this past month, please share them in the comments section below.

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