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Quick Ways to Monitor Your Brand’s Reputation

If you’ve been in business a long time, your brand’s reputation matters more than anything else. The tone of a review of your brand can mean the difference between a flood of new customers wanting to make use of your services and a perpetual stream of negativity surrounding your site.

There are several tools you can use to keep track of what visitors are saying about you online. Tools like Mention and HootSuite are terrific options you can make use of in order to keep tabs on your brand’s name. However, there are other, quicker ways you can make sure your reputation remains intact.

  1. Twitter Search – Search for your brand name to uncover conversations surrounding your business.

  2. Ask your audience directly – Asking for feedback on your customer service will always elicit honest answers on your company.

  3. Do a Google Search – If it works for job applicants, it works for your company! You can always come upon word-of-mouth regarding your company if you do a quick search for it.

With these quick tips, you’ll be able to respond to any negative reviews of your website in no time flat!

What do you think of these failsafe methods of monitoring your reputation? Let us know in the comments below for more suggestions to add to the list!

Top 5 Web Development Blogs

If you’re a web developer, you know that you have to stay on top of what goes on in the industry. There can be updates to your code base, new ways of structuring the code, examples to learn from, and people to emulate. Web development is a key aspect of website and application creation, so keeping yourself informed on the latest news is key.

In this post, we’ve put together the top 5 web development blogs you should keep an eye on. Here we go!

  1. A List Apart – Explore the meaning of design, development, and web content with the writers from A List Apart. If you like making websites, you’ll love the content that’s here for you!
  2. David Walsh Blog – David Walsh’s Blog covers a diverse array of coding languages for web developers. Explore all sorts of design tips and tricks that he talks about on the blog.
  3. Daily JS – If you’re a JavaScript enthusiast, this is for you. Daily JS is a tremendous resource on all things JavaScript, so you’ll be sure to find tons of information if and when you get stuck.
  4. One Extra Pixel – Are you looking for useful design and development resources? Check out the folks at One Extra Pixel, dedicated to delivering the best content for web developers out there!
  5. Line25 – Line 25 is a web design site created just for designers. The tutorials allow you to recreate stunning inspirational examples for your own creations.

We hope you like these blogs. Are there any other specific blogs you’d like us to include? Let us know your thoughts by commenting on our post at the bottom of the page.

Updates in Search: Google Panda 4.1


In less than 4 months, Google has released yet another update to its search algorithm in the form of Google Panda 4.1. The company states that around 3-5% of search queries will be affected, as well as the sites ranking for them.

This update is the latest in a long line of attempts for Google to level the playing field for websites large and small. Google has also been hard at work manually de-indexing low quality sites and going after webmasters involved in private blog networks (PBNs).

What does the Panda 4.1 update consist of?

This latest iteration allows Google to pinpoint low quality content more easily. Simply put, content providers containing sites with thin content will be penalized and de-indexed by the search engine. For examples, affiliate sites with thin content landing pages are going to be affected pretty severely by Panda 4.1.

A small, but significant update to the algorithm nonetheless.

How does this help my business?

According to Google, this update will allow for more small and medium-sized websites to rank higher than before. If your website is in this camp, you should be seeing higher traffic levels.

In addition, site owners that were hit by the last Panda update that removed low quality backlinks and made the necessary changes are going to see improved traffic levels as well.

Best Practices for Google Panda 4.1

Our advice for dealing with this update is the same as the previous one: focus on delivering high quality content and linking to sites with high authority. Continue to provide content that’s relevant to your target keywords.

Check out our previous article on Google Panda 4.0 here. Don’t forget to check back with us soon on some of the latest search engine news and updates!

We hope you enjoyed our update on Google Panda 4.1! What new insights did you gather from the latest update? Let us know in the comments section below.

How to Excel Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a superb marketing platform for professionals of any industry. There are several reasons why you should join the service, but the purpose of this article will be on how you can thrive on LinkedIn.

Linkedin isn’t that difficult of a beast to use, but to get the most out of it, there are some aspects about it you might want to pay particular attention to. In this quick tip guide, we’ll show you the most effective ways to becoming a LinkedIn power user in no time!

LinkedIn Best Practices

  1. Get a professional photo of yourself.

Make your photo easily distinguishable. Don’t settle for a blurry picture; believe it or not, a low quality picture is more likely to disqualify you as a connection from influencers than a higher fidelity head shot. You don’t have to spent too much time on this. Just make sure the lighting is good, and you’ll be fine.

  1. Join LinkedIn Groups in your industry.

Another excellent way to excel in LinkedIn is by joining groups where you can discuss topics relevant to your industry. You can choose from several hundred thousand groups from a vast array of industries. Take your pick, add value, and see which groups you end up sticking to!

  1. Connect with fellow professionals.

Of course, the main goal of LinkedIn is to connect you with working professionals and thought leaders. Import your email contacts and LinkedIn sends invites to the ones who aren’t on the network, and sends notifications to the ones that are.

  1. Fill up your profile.

The next thing you should do is fill out your profile. This is where you showcase your skills, qualifications, and awards. You can go into as much or as little detail as possible, as long as you can properly convey your expertise.

  1. Share content.

You can post status updates on your account for a reason. The faster you are seen as an authority figure and influencer the better it is for your reputation. Start posting quality articles so that your connections can get value from your content stream.

Do you have any other tips to use LinkedIn effectively? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

Top 10 Facebook Pages for Web Designers

If you’re in the web design space, chances are you’re constantly on the lookout for the latest techniques to improve your design skills. There are many different web design sites you can bookmark and stay up-to-date with your designing skills. However, how do you keep tabs on all of them?

You can easily subscribe to all of their newsletters, but chances are, you’re not going to read everything you receive in your inbox and nobody likes email clutter. The next best thing then is to follow these web design sites on social media. What better place to do that than Facebook?

On Facebook, it’s easier than ever to connect with a community of designers. If you look hard enough, you’ll find plenty of individuals willing to share information on the latest web design tips. That’s we’ve come up with this list of web design Facebook Pages that you can follow. Check these out:

  • A List Apart – Learn about the best of web content and the evolution of web practices in A List Apart’s Facebook page. This community promotes the practice and profession of web design and development.
  • Boagworld – Digital strategy and web design can be difficult to learn on your own — follow this Facebook page for links to prolific tips and advice on the subject. Boagworld offers inside the digital business world of designing.
  • Future of Web Design – Are you interested in learning more about the future of web design? Like the Future of Web Design page to keep tabs on the conference based in London!
  • Logo Design Love – Logo Design Love is centered around — you guessed it — logo design! The page administrators share logo inspiration daily in a format you’ll love.
  • MediaLoot – MediaLoot offers graphic design resources. Most of its images are design inspiration and technical ‘how-to’ articles to create specific designs for your projects.
  • Silktide – Get several assorted tips on the design language of the web development landscape on this nifty Facebook page! Silktide continues to build a web community driven to make the world a better place.
  • Smashing Magazine – The latest updates on the design and development world are right on this Facebook Page! Smashing Magazine regularly delivers high quality content to help professional designers significantly improve their skills.
  • Splashnology – Splashnology is a place for creative and web designers to display their incredible skills and share valuable resources on their crafts. Head on over!
  • Web Design Tuts+ – Web Design Tuts+ provides tutorials, courses, and articles for readers looking to boost their design skill. Maximize your creative potential today by checking out the Facebook Page.
  • Vectips – Adobe Illustrator can be difficult to master, even if you’ve been designing for years on the web. Vectips provides articles and tips to continue sharpening the blade of design!

We hope you enjoy these Facebook Pages and check them out for more information. Let us know if you have any other web design pages in mind.