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Top 5 Email Marketing Apps

What are your top email marketing applications? Before we get to the answer of that question, consider what makes an email marketing application great. Ease of use, quick integration, and smart design and are aspects that mark the difference between a simply good email application and truly exemplary one.

With that in mind, let’s move forward an unveil our picks for the top 5 email marketing applications we believe to be the most useful.

  1. Constant Contact – This platform has one of the most complete suites for email marketing on the web. With built-in analytics, tools such as survey conduction and event scheduling, Constant Contact is a comprehensive platform for the advanced email marketer.

  1. Email Brain – Only the smartest marketers use Email Brain! Your email integrations are taken care of, as well as the tracking reports and analytics that accompany the platform. If you want to grab every piece of data on your subscribers, Email Brain is THE application for you.

  1. Get Response – Is there are platform in existence that’s even easier to use than MailChimp? There just might be one in Get Response. Make use of superb expert support, autoresponder campaigns, and targeted proficiency with this excellent email tool.

  1. Jango Mail – Get cutting-edge technology at an excellent price with Jango Mail. The app offers real-time reporting, deep editor tools, and much, much more. Give this one a trial.

  1. MailChimp – Integration to your websites and social profiles? Check. Slick interface and easy user experience. Double check. If you’re a beginner looking to send email like a professional, give this platform a serious look.

That’s all! We hope you liked going through our quick list of email tools. What are your favorites? Give us some suggestions in the comments section below.

Top 5 Conversion Tips You Can Start Using Today

How much testing do you do on your website? If you don’t do it very much, there’s a pretty big chance that you’re leaving subscribers, buyers, and visitors on the table.

However, that’s not even the worst of it. The difference between getting a lot of results versus getting a few are really just a few simple tweaks you can make to your site’s presentation. Tools like Visual Website Optimizer and Optimizely enable you to make changes to your website instantly for testing.

So, what sort of changes should you make to your site? They’re often the most seemingly insignificant. Once you make these improvements, however, rest assured that your website will receive a lot more engagement down the road.

Here are five quick conversion tips you can use to improve your site retention and build your traffic to even greater heights!

  1. Increase your font size. Not all font is created equal. Experiment with differing font sizes will do a world of good for your site.

  2. Lead with value, not a gate. It’s a very popular practice to gate your content, pricing admission with an email address. Try giving your visitors the choice to subscribe and “surprise” them with even more value on the email list.

  3. Make your text easier to read. We’re not referring to font size here. Space out your text paragraphs so that your audience can skim through your content.

  4. Hide your blog subscribers. Give this a try and see if your numbers soar or dwindle. It’s a great test to try out!

  5. Test different calls to action. Instead of “Buy now,” try “Start your free trial” or something to that effect. Lead with the reward, not the result (buying or payment).

We hope you liked these quick tips to increasing conversion. Do you have any other tips in mind for us to use? Write your comments below so we can compare notes!

Interactive Marketing Monthly Roundup: October 2014

It’s that time of the month! In today’s blog post we gather some of the top marketing posts from the month of October to give you insight on the various industries involved in marketing your website. We tracked some of the most important topics and made note of their top posts throughout the month.

Without further ado, let’s get started on our interactive marketing monthly roundup!

Email Marketing

How good of a seller are you? This may have direct implications on how effective you are at email marketing. Here are seven ways to know that your audience will read your emails by John Boitnott.

Email is difficult on a mobile device, but that doesn’t means it’s not worth a shot! Learn from this presentation with Justine Jordan, a marketer obsessed with email design.


Copywriters often develop habits that may be detrimental to their marketing success. Oliver Pyper gives us seven habits that we should leave behind in order to improve our copy.

Having trouble driving engagement through social media with your copy? Let Kevan Lee help you out by reading his 27 copywriting formulas.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising just got a whole lot simpler! Facebook’s new ad platform allows you to track users across separate platforms — read on with this post from Jeff Rajeck to learn more.

The mobile ad is set to blow past TV advertising in only a few years! Here are the statistics to back that claim in this article by Christopher Heine.

PPC Management | Paid Ads

Let your PPC ad be the answer to the user’s question! Push the user experience further with paid ads in this post by Anthony Coraggio.

Do you need help optimizing your PPC campaigns? Here is the ultimate guide to PPC landing pages for your site visitors by Kasim Aslam.

Social Media

Listen in to the conversations happening around your industry. Learn exactly how to do this by reading this terrific piece by Shannon Byrne.

Don’t let social data you’ve collected on your audience just sit there. Utilize the data to learn insights to better interact with your fans. Susan Ganeshan has the full post.

Web Development and Branding

There are a massive amount of tools you use for web development. In this post, Hariom Balhara narrows it down to top 20 most useful ones from 2014!

Here are 20 more web development tools by Gavin from CodeGeekz.

Search Engine Optimization

With search optimization, it’s easy to make mistakes. Here are some suggestions by Mike Lieberman that you should not ignore.

We know what search is like right now, but what can we expect in the near future? More Penguin and Panda updates? An entirely new algorithm to work around? Moosa Hemani offers his insights on the future of search.


Make your blog, social, and SEO strategy work together! Charlie Poznek interviews Steve Toth on content marketing and how it can produce massive results for your business now and into the future.

Are you looking for a little extra help in search optimization? Maybe you’d like 100 tips to get you started! Malik Merchant posts a great roundup of tips you can read today.

We hope you enjoyed our October roundup! Come back again soon for interactive posts on marketing, web development, business, and more