Interactive Marketing Monthly Roundup: November 2014

It’s that time of the month where we compile the best web marketing articles on email, copywriting, mobile advertising, and more! November was a significant month for the marketing industry, especially with the holiday season right around the corner.

Let’s jump right into our roundup for the latest insights.

Email Marketing

The holiday season means only one thing to a marketer: sales, sales, and more sales! Your email can be an incredible tool to boost sales numbers. Himanshu Garia gives us smart email marketing tips for the holiday season.

Google’s new Inbox app is certainly making waves in email marketing. Optin Monster walks us through how to create the optimal experience for the Google Inbox subscriber.


Average copywriting is a dime a dozen. Do your best to align with top quality copywriters.This post by Joel Klettke helps you to think critically while picking copywriters.

Everything is moving online and into video, but writing copy is still numero uno for attracting an audience. Learn the future of copywriting by Chris Smith.

Mobile Advertising

Facebook’s evolving strategy has been extremely impactful for the company. Take a look at its advertising plans for mobile for more insight in this post by Mike Murphy.

Are QR codes for mobile marketing finished? Nikos Drakatos explains the situations in a detailed infographic.

PPC Management | Paid Ads

When paying for advertising, it’s best not to just jump in willy-nilly. Melissa Mackey points out her top five considerations for PPC advertisers.

Here are two creative ways you can promote an obscure event using PPC with the help of Pauline Jakober.

Social Media

Your business now has an obligation to respond quickly and efficiently to customer social media requests. Douglas Karr gives an inside look on how brands communicate with clients.

Some of the bigger brands online are unapologetically robotic. Yet, their communications are much more human than some of the more regular responses we’ve seen from smaller companies. Caroline Coppel presents some of the best brands from which to learn social media.

Web Development and Branding

While it takes a great amount of skill to code a thematic website, it’s not necessary to have a functional website. WordPress frameworks offer this flexibility, allowing you to ignore the more complicated stylistic aspects. SiteSell has the post on this subject.

Believe it or not, your personal brand matters a great deal. Yohana Desta writes up the lazy person’s guide to improve your personal branding strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for a quick way to find powerful keywords in your industry. Use these free techniques to finding effective keywords by Gaurav Kaushik.

Nail down the complete understanding of Semantic Search in this incredible guide by Sergio Redondo.


While organic search has changed in the past few months, don’t think for a second we’ve reached the end of the road. Search will continue to optimize — see where may possibly lead in this post by Danny Denhard.

Keep in mind the UX metrics that marketers use to improve their platform. Christian Ro goes through his user experience research methods.

Let us know what you think of the roundup! List any of your favorite stories from last month down below in the comments section.

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