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First Source Interactive Team Members


First Source Interactive Team Members

From preserving online reputations or creating new ones, from revitalizing trusted brands to attracting followers for startups, our team of dedicated professionals makes it happen. We won't rest until we've outwitted, outsmarted and outclassed your competition. Explore some of our most recent collaborations, and discover how FSI's solutions can power your success. 
Avi White CEO Avi White is widely recognized as a leader in the realm of corporate communications and an innovator in helping businesses adapt and prosper in the ever-changing world of social media. Whether he’s helping his clients dominate the front page of a Google search or executing operations on a battlefield, he’s a leader. An Israeli Army combat operator, first responder, avid martial artist, musician and engaged entrepreneur, Avi brings a unique skill set to FSI. As President of PayPerformance, a pioneer in the pay per call advertising industry, he developed an ingenious approach to ensure that customers consistently surpassed their competition. He’s honed it to perfection at FSI, never settling for the small win for his clients, and instead helping them dominate their competition. That’s his overall approach to business—helping his clients win and succeed. Creatively strategic, Avi has earned his reputation as a man who can both develop, and then, most importantly, execute an action plan that guarantees results. After serving as a special communications operator in the Israeli Army’s famed Golani Brigade, Avi immigrated to the United States where he started his own service business and began to refine his communications, public relations, and sales skills. It was in running his own hugely successful business that he first realized the power of call tracking as a way to gauge advertising effectiveness. Several years of testing and marketing his breakthrough methodology resulted in the establishment of First Source Interactive which has become an industry leader and cutting-edge provider of corporate communications. Danny Katz COO Danny brings the business moxie and industry experience of an executive twice his age to his role as FSI’s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer. He juggles the daily operations of the firm while expertly managing strategic planning, sales and developing client relationships. Eti Mazor CFO Eti brings a seasoned eye and keen precision to her position as CFO, with the critical task of managing P&L statements and meeting the company’s revenue goals. She brings a wealth of experience earned as Vice President of IT and CFO at PayPerformance, where she effortlessly juggled responsibilities, including continuously negotiating prices with partners and service providers to maximize profits, revamping procedures and operations for greatest efficiency, managing website and the company's unique software development. Martin Boksdorf Marketing Director Martin's primarily focused on SEO, online public relations and social networking. For ten years he and his team have served businesses of all types with many unique needs. Including but not limited to: Crown Plaza Hotels, Shenkar College, a major Israeli bank and a major political party (both remain confidential under ND agreements). Mindy Kolof Public Relations Director The more complex the subject matter, the better Mindy likes to break it down and communicate it with passion. Twenty+ years of experience means an enormous range of writing and strategic marketing communications projects has been expertly handled on every type of platform, media and channel for an equally broad range of industries, from foodservice to healthcare. Johnny Hassin IT Director Johnny has personally overseen the development of our ever-expanding network of websites & software projects. He studied Computer Science as far back as high school and earned a BA in Computer Science from Harzelia College in Israel. Johnny is fluent in the following software and programming codes: php, mysql, javascript/jquery/ajax, ios/objective-c, html-css, Java, and C / UNIX. Phil Frost Digital Marketing & Advertising Director Phil is an expert in online advertising, marketing analytics, and sales funnel optimization. Phil’s marketing thought leadership has been published on,,, and many other major business media outlets.
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