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A comprehensive social media marketing strategy has numerous benefits for any organization. It can help you build and manage advocates, syndicate content, keep a pulse on voter sentiment, and develop new and engaged supporters and 3rd party advocates. Yet that is only the beginning. As an integrated part of your campaign and public policy marketing portfolio, social media can help drive the public policy debate, bringing victories in support of a candidate, a piece of legislation, or an impactful public policy change.

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Activating and monitoring your social channels and engaging directly with users is the first step. We also take advantage of the incredible amount of data that the social media services collect to create highly targeted paid ads and put them in front of people who are likely to become supporters. Compared to other pay-per-click advertising models, social media ads often offer the best bang for the buck, because we can drill down deep into demographics, likes and dislikes, and even user behaviors to selectively choose who will see your ads.

In addition, we know how to integrate social media with our award-winning content marketing capabilities across all digital channels. Our tactics create easily sharable content that converts citizens to voters and voters to advocates. We can also monitor data to optimize your strategies and inform each tactical move.

In today’s always-connected world, social media is a key element in any digital marketing strategy. While it is possible to manage your own social media, we do not recommend it. A successful social media marketing campaign requires a great deal of hands-on tweaking and shaping as well as a high level of responsiveness. If you have a small team, your social media could rapidly overwhelm your other tasks. Let FSI manage your social media while you focus on the other critical parts of running your organization.

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